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As a condition of enrolling at Dance Center of Florida, students and their parents or guardians agree to abide by all the policies set forth by Dance Center of Florida, its director, faculty, and staff. Dance Center of Florida reserves the right to terminate any student’s enrollment at any time for misconduct or inappropriate actions by either the student or his or her parent(s).


The school is home to children and adults of all ages. Please keep in mind Dance Center of Florida has a shared parking lot so please enter and exit the lot with extreme caution. Never park your vehicle in any area that is not a designated parking space. We encourage students to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before class starts. For their safety, children under age 10 should be picked up immediately after class. Students ages 10-17 must be picked up no more than 15 minutes after their class is completed. An adult should accompany children at all times in and out of the studio.


All purchases with Dance Center of Florida are NONREFUNDABLE! For our youth program, missed classes can be made up throughout the month by taking any other style offered. Adult classes and/or packages are given extensive expiration dates to be used from the date purchased.

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